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Join the Tiger Eye Tribe

Build & grow your brand

Effective Social Media Strategies

Tutorials & tips on creating scroll stopping content

Like minded entrepreneurs to inspire, motivate and encourage you

Then you’ve come to the right place – Welcome to the Tiger Eye Tribe.

Reading To Your Dog
Reading To Your Dog

What is the Tiger Eye Tribe?

The Tiger Eye Tribe is a membership only platform that is here to help you make the most out of your content, creativity & confidence.

As they say, your vibe attracts your tribe.

Which is why the only vibes we’re about in this tribe are the positive, goal smashing &  empowering kind.

Strong Branding tells a story that needs no explanation.

Are you ready to tell yours? As a Tiger Eye Tribe member, you’ll receive weekly coaching that will help LEVEL up your brand via Social Media and other online platforms.

Combining creative direction, mindset work & social media workshops, The Tiger Eye Tribe covers more than just the basics. Forget chucking a few Insta post’s out there, liking a few pages and hoping for the best. We’re going to help you build your brand – from capturing the skillset you want to showcase, to translating your business’s USP in the most original & creative way possible.

We’re going to help you show up – online and in real life.

As small business owners, you’re more than just the service or product you provide. You’re also your brands

What's Included?

As part of the Tiger Eye Tribe, you’ll be part of a private Facebook group and will have access to:

Tips, tricks & motivation


Weekly live Q+A session with our head coach Lauren, where you can ask everything & anything Social media/business related (recorded and uploaded each week for everyone to catch up if needed)

1-1 IG & Business analysis call with Lauren each month

Your own content creation calender, filled with idea’s and key dates to help plan your posts each week

✔ Discounts & exclusive offers on all future Tiger Eye Online events

✔ Network with like minded Industry professionals

✔ Workshops ft. Guest speakers & Special guests


How can we help?

By levelling up those 3 important C words:

Content. Creativity. Confidence. 

Social Media allows you to advertise your business for free and tutorials on pretty much anything are available at the click of a button – that’s the easy part.

However in an incredibly fast paced industry on very saturated platforms, how can you ensure you stand out?

By being Confident in your brand and your abililties.

By being Creative with your Content.

And by captivating your ideal clientele.

Who's going to help you?

Meet Lauren.

I’m Lauren Eddy and I’ve been a small business owner for 6+ years now. I began as a Wedding Photographer, before venturing into Make-up Artistry and now I own both a Salon & Online Coaching Business.

What began as a solo act, has now turned into a successful brand. We have an award winning studio with a team of 10+ artists, therapists & stylists, an ever growing clientele and now a Business & Social Media Coaching sister site.

A strong online presence helped the growth & success of the Tiger Eye brand and will continue to do so in the future. However, a strong online presence is about more than 10k followers and a viral video. It’s about knowing your brand, believing in your brand and growing your brand via strong visuals, excellent communication and clever sales skills.

There’s a lot of trial & error involved but if I knew now what I knew back then, I could’ve doubled our success in half the time – and that’s why I created the Tiger Eye Tribe.

After the success of our Beauty Business Accelerator course, I knew I had found my passion in helping like minded entrepreneurs with their social media, branding & businesses. I wanted to offer something that was cost effective, easily accessible but that delivered maximum impact.

More importantly, I wanted to create a community. Building a business is hard – it requires time, effort & sacrifice, so to be a part of something filled with people that share the same challenges can be so beneficial.


Find your Tribe?

The Tiger Eye Tribe is not only there to help you with the technical side of your social media & branding, its there to be your biggest cheerleader too.

We want to encourage you. We want to motivate you. And we want to help you fulfil your potential. Online & in real life.