Introducing…Tiger Eye 2.0

Hello and welcome to the Tiger Eye Diaries!

We’ve debated blogging for a while now but with so much going on, we thought it would be the best way to keep you guys up to date. Prepare for plenty of musings, BTS and all the latest Tiger Eye news.

To kick it off, we would like to introduce you to possibly the ONLY good thing to come out of lockdown…The new and improved, Tiger Eye 2.0

There is no denying that 2020 has been a rollercoaster (one we’d like to get off sooner rather than later) and when COVID 19 forced the closure of Tiger Eye in March, we were devastated to say the least.

But we do not get knocked down that easily. So, we took some time off, drank too much, took part in too many zoom quizzes, binged on Tiger King – we ticked off the entire lockdown check list. Then, it was time to prepare for our comeback.

What started off as a lick of paint, ended up in an entire renovation. By the time we had bought our 4th tin of paint, we decided to go hard or go home. We looked at how far we had come since 2018, what worked, what didn’t, and came up with a plan. We expanded our online services during lockdown as well, but we have a WHOLE other post coming soon on that! So today, we’ll just chat about the Interior Transformation.

Interior for us, has always played such a huge part in making Tiger Eye what it is. It is one of the ways we made our mark as a Studio and whilst we loved the old décor, it was time for something bigger, brighter & fresher.

We drew Inspiration from the beach bars and villas of Ibiza for the front section. Plaster effect wallpaper replaced brick, whilst pampas grass replaced all our signature Ivy. We wanted to keep the wooden walls as they are such a key feature of the Studio, but we had never been a fan of the warm brown. We neutralised the wood with Frenchic paint in Sugar Puff (if you’ve never tried this paint before you NEED too, it covers literally anything) and everything immediately felt so much fresher.

We realised that when you’re stripping back an area, accessories play an even bigger part, and this is what really tied that beachy vibe together. Rattan accessories were a must (life hack: type in wicker rather than rattan, everything is so much cheaper!) and our light shades completed the bar area perfectly (they’re from The summer hats we have hung up are another feature favourite – it’s the tiny details that make the biggest difference!

However, the biggest transformation was the Hair Section. In the photographs, it looks pretty similar to before but trust us when we say that was one hell of a job. In between searching high and low for plaster (don’t even get us started, it was the new toilet roll) to knocking down walls, my Dad was the man of the hour for tackling that job.

For this section, we decided on a more minimalistic approach. We looked at London Townhouses and Modern Art Galleries – we wanted period looking features to sit amongst and contrast against a clean black and white area. We added a ceiling rose and a feature light, then dressed the walls with some of our favourite prints, most of them from DESENIO.

In case you haven’t noticed, or if you’ve never visited Tiger Eye before, we also knocked down that BLOODY WALL (if you know, you know). The studio is now one long open space and we love it. It feels so much bigger and flows so much easier throughout.

I thought having two different themes within the same space (Ibiza boho meets London Townhouse/Swedish minimalism vibes) would be difficult, but as long as you stick to a similar colour palette the areas seem to flow pretty well together. In our case it’s a colour palette of browns, neutrals, black and white, with the only pop of colour being the green velvet chairs and bar stools, which also add a nice luxe feel to the place. The bar stool’s were from Dunelm in the sale, so if you’re quick they might still be there! The other pops of colours come from the prints and plants in the Hair section – and not forgetting our Tiger Friend pictured below, who was an absolute TK Maxx steal.

Side note: If you’re renovating a salon or a house, prepare for TK Maxx and Pinterest to become your best friends.

We’re pleased to say that Tiger Eye opened its doors again on the 6th July and we are so happy to share the final look with you - we hope you guys love it just as much as we do. We also rearranged some of our areas regarding social distancing and the new COVID guidelines, but that’s for another blog post.

What is your favourite feature of Tiger Eye 2.0? Let us know in the comments!

Thank you for reading and we’ll see you soon.


Lauren & The Tiger Eye Team x

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