2020: What has it meant for the Industry?

Hey everyone!

Today’s post is about something that has felt heavy on our hearts recently, as I imagine it has for a lot of you out there.

2020 has undoubtedly been a challenging year for most, but especially for certain sectors; one of those being the Make-up, Hair, and Beauty Industry. From the start of lockdown way back in March, our sector has received little financial or emotional support. We’ve been mocked by men in parliament, had our comeback dates changed time and time again and now we are back up and running, we’re continuously effected by industries such as hospitality and the arts receiving the same, if not worse treatment.

As soon as we think we’re getting somewhere, Boris and co. seem to bring in another ridiculous and contradictory rule that pushes us 1 step forward, then 3 steps back.

However, we’re not going to get political about this. We understand everyone has a different stance on COVID and its origins/solutions and that’s fine. What we want to talk about is how we, as professionals in this Industry, are feeling – so here’s a little note to those of you out there that might be feeling a little rubbish lately because trust me, you’re not alone.

Social Media has a funny way of making you feel inadequate. You see everyone’s highlight reels, rather than the behind the scenes. You compare yourself against what people want you to see, as opposed to what is actually going on. Throw in a global pandemic, 6+ months out of work, quiet diaries and you’ve got the ultimate mix of ingredients to make you feel like shit. Shit about your career, skillset and future.

BUT you’re still here – and those skills you’ve honed over the years, all those clients you’ve made feel amazing, can’t be taken away from you.

Your diary isn’t quiet because you’ve done something wrong – it’s quiet because of circumstances out of your control. You’re not in a creative rut because you lack imagination or talent – you’re in a creative rut because there’s now this immense pressure on your services being financially viable. You’re not feeling inadequate because your competition is better than you – you’re feeling inadequate because of the external stress this year has probably put on you.

The products you’ve purchased and the investments you’ve made – they were worth it then and they’re still worth it now. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you when all of this will end, but all you need to remember is why you embarked on this career in the first place. You did it because you love to make people feel amazing. For as long as people want to look and more importantly FEEL amazing, there will always be a place for Make-up, Hair and Beauty professionals.

What we do, isn’t just about appearances. It’s about making a new mum feel incredible on her first night out post baby. It’s about seeing Margaret on a weekly basis and catching up, because her hair appointment is probably the thing she looks forward to the most every week. It’s about a fresh manicure making you feel polished and ready for that new job interview. It’s about confidence and beauty, both internally and externally. No pandemic, curfew, or government guideline can take that feeling away.

So, remember that and use this time to fall back in love with your passion. Be creative and create the content that YOU want to see. If you’re new to the Industry, use this time to create some consistent content and get your name out there. If you’re an Industry veteran, then enjoy the positives of a bit of quiet downtime. If you’re a creative that has had to take on a 2nd job, then I take my absolute hat off to you. If you’re one of the lucky ones who has been busy since being back, then keep on smashing it.

We know it’s easier said than done, but you can do this. Our Industry is made up of some of the most passionate, talented and resilient people I know, and it just continues to grow.

Celebrate your wins, accept what you can’t control and remember why you started in the first place. We can do this!

And if anyone really is struggling out there, our DM’S are always open.


Lauren & The Tiger Eye Team x

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